Industrial Door Openers

Garage Door Solutions is able to supply install and service a wide range of industrial openers and can recommend an opener most suitable for your application.


HIRO™ is not only the slimmest and most powerful opener in the range, it paves the way in control and connectivity delivering smart phone control in light commercial applications (as an optional upgrade).

If you need to operate a very large roller door or a wind-locked door, or have a site with low side room requirement, HIRO™ is your ideal choice.

  • 1400 Short term peak force to reliably operate large doors up to 28m²
  • Slim fit design (35mm only from the edge of the curtain to the edge of the bracket)
  • Variable opening speed
  • Smart phone compatible
  • Optional slide-on or wall mount battery back up
  • Large removable fords suits most drum wheel
  • Courtesy LED light

Toro® GDO-10

The Toro® offers sophisticated commercial roller door opening technology and superior pulling power. With built-in Battery Back Up and a wall-mounted control panel you can program a variety of operating modes for your security and safety.

  • 1000N DC Motor
  • Soft Close
  • Wall Mounted Logic Control System
  • Intelligent Safety System
  • Built in Battery Backup
  • Suitable for rolling doors up to 28m²
  • 2 Year Warranty

Axess® Pro Series 1505

Building on the long-standing reputation of the Axess® Pro 1101 for sheer reliability, the Axess® Pro 1505 combines ease of use with benchmark-setting integrated technology.

  • Up to 300,000 cycles
  • Powerful motor
  • Secure & Reliable
  • Logic controls with LCD screen
  • Quiet, heavy-duty gearbox
  • Suitable for doors up to 25m²
  • 5 Year - 10,000 Cycle Warranty


LR-Drive heralds the latest addition to the Grifco Light Commercial portfolio. It has been specifically designed for large and wind-locked roller doors. It is also ideal for shopfront roller grilles thanks to commercial terminals that allow dedicated open and closing.

  • Faster: LR-Drive opens a 2.4m high door in only 21 seconds. Fastest in its class!
  • Stronger: The powerful motor and gearbox can lift roller doors up to 28m²
  • Thinner: The incredibly thin operator requires only 45mm of sideroom clearance
  • 2 Year - 10,000 Cycle Warranty


High-Cycle Operator for Light-Commercial Sectional Doors

The LS-Drive is the perfect high-cycle operator for sectional doors found in small carparks. Designed for up to 50 cycles per day, it is the ideal automation solution for small multi-tenanted applications. It delivers all the necessary logic configurations without any unnecessary complexity.

  • The quiet, powerful drive train delivers smooth and fast door cycles, with soft start and soft stop
  • Logic options can be easily configured (such as “open only” and “timer-to-close”) using the simple button panel
  • The extremely durable extruded aluminium rail is available in 2 lengths and features a clever mounting method and integrated cable management
  • The rail can be easily surface mounted for low ceiling carparks
  • Suitable for doors up to 15m²
  • 2 Year - 20,000 Cylce Warranty

Axess Pro Openers


The Axess® Pro Series 3100 range provides innovative features for the demanding world of industrial shutter and roll up door automation. With powerful inverter driven motor options, plus a scalable suite of logic and safety options, this combination of strength and smarts is an evolutionary step forward.


The Axess® Pro Series 3300 range provides options for cost-effective automation of large shutters up to 50m² in size. Utilising hard-wired 415V power with contactors, these units are designed to be simple to install, and incredibly reliable.