Garage Door Remotes & Accessories

At Garage Door Solutions not only do we carry B&D Remotes & Accessories but we also stock Remotes from a range of brands to ensure we offer the best selection possible to customers.

Tri-Tran+ Premium Remote Control

Our premium remote control combines a stylish and robust design with our Tri-Tran+ technology that protects against code grabbing devices.


Protects from interference

Can control multiple devices, including lights

Tri-Tran+ Remote Control

This four button transmitter is a light weight transmitter that is small enough to fit on your car keyring and features advanced encryption technology to protect against code grabbing devices.

The four buttons allow for use on multiple garage doors, gates and other B&D products with a Tri-Tran™ multi frequency.

Wall Mount Remote Control

The stylish Wall Mount Remote Control mounts inside the garage, allowing remote door operation with Tri-Tran+ technology.

Allows remote operation of multiple garage door openers, gates and other B&D products with a Tri-Tran™ multi frequency without using a hand transmitter. No wiring required.

Entry Keypad

The entry keypad will allow you to enter the garage without a transmitter. Great for children, as there is no need to give them a key or transmitter as they can enter the house with their PIN.

Simply enter your pre-programmed PIN (4 - 8 digit), press # and the door will open. Great for giving the kids a code instead of a transmitter or house keys, or program a simple code like 0000 for temporary access by tradespeople, reprogram your own code when they are finished.

Wall/Visor Remote Control Clips

Designed for those wishing to mount their remote control to a wall or car sun visor for added convenience.